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Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Young

3 Pages 628 Words December 2015

First of all, let us define young. As individuals, we will probably see a different age to determine what young mean to us. What is young to you? Well, for me, being young means before you get your Identification card. Certainly, being young has many advantages and disadvantages. So, what are some advantages and disadvantages of being young that you know? There are lots of advantages and disadvantages, and I am going to share those that I know.
Most of us think that our parents are over-controlling you. I am sure that we have had argued with our parents, at least, one about wanting to be independent, wanting go out with our friends, or wanting to do things on our own. Our parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents often say that children these days are not enjoying life as much as they are enjoying back then. However, there are also advantages of being young in 2015. Many kids may not like going to school, but do you know that being able to go to school is an advantage? Being young gives us the opportunity to go to school, because according to the government, it is a must to attend school. Someday, you will grow up and you have to get a job to earn money to support yourself. What kind of job you get depends on your grades in school. Those with better grades, of course, will get better jobs.
As a teenager or kid, you can spend the whole day with your friends or doing something without thinking if dinner is ready, have you done the laundry and dishes, unlike our parents. We, as young people know about technology more than some of our parents. Being able to adapt and use those technology help us a lot, as we can get information easily and easily keep in contact with people. Another advantage is that most of us have good health when we are young. Adults nowadays have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease etc. That is why we have to keep a good habit of eating vegetables and fruits when we are young and have...

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