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LGBTQ Individuals and the History of Women’s Suffrage

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To what extent did the Women’s Suffrage and the LGBT Rights movement initiate a response of liberal movements towards equality across the spectrum of gender and sexuality in America?

Our society has been changed by two major movements in history: The Gay Rights Movement and the Women’s Rights and Suffrage Movement. The Gay Rights Movement in America dates back to the 19th century; it changed the definition and broadened the spectrum of gender and raised awareness for AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, safe sex, gay marriage, hate crimes, and violence. The Women’s Suffrage movement also played a role in shaping society. As a result of widely known Women’s Rights Organizations that rose across the nation and the relentless fight for the cause of gender equality, equal pay, access to education and jobs, abortion regulation, and eliminating gender roles and stereotypes, the well-deserved 19th amendment, passed in 1920, allowed women to vote in America.

The combined efforts of working-class women fighting for Suffrage and Women’s rights to create more accessibility in politics, education, and business for women, coinciding with the wave of LGBTQ members and advocates that fought for equality and recognition, making society more accepting and open to unorthodox ideas about sexuality, took strides in shaping America’s views on stereotypes, change the standard gender roles and expand the spectrum of sexual identity.

The 19th amendment was the turning point in the fight for gender equality in America. It was the first step the fight to end discrimination bases on sex and achieving an equal social, economic, and political status for women. Several Women’s Rights Movement organizations have been formed since then, representing capable and influential women throughout the nation, spreading awareness for women’s issues and their effects on people in modern society.
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